Measuring a Boat to find the best fitting trailer. Everyone has an opinion, including ourselves.

We have looked over the internet to find other helpful pages to teach perspective about what and how.  In the next few weeks we will be updating this page with more information in greater detail.

Follow this link to an outside source to view how and what measurements are needed when hunting for the perfect trailer.

Customers can also go to our Show n Tell page to see visually view a variety of boats fitting / sitting on EZ Loader Aluminum or Galvanized Boat trailers.

Optional Equipment page coming soon – Link Here 🙂


Disc Brake

10″ Deemax brakes are 100% interchangeable with Reliable/Kodiak

12″ Deemax disc brakes partially compatible with Reliable/Kodiak

-Replacement rotor for :

10″ oil bath Deemax/Kodiak/Reliable is 250-029518

12″ oil bath Kodiak/Reliable is 250-029522

12″ oil bath Deemax is 250-034010

Carlisle Radial Tires OEM for EZ Loader Boat Trailers

Radial Tires (example ST205/75R14C)

ST – Special Trailer type tire

205 – Nominal width of the tire in millimeters

75 – Aspect ratio, (ratio of height to width)

R -Radial tire

14 – Size of wheel

C – Load Range Rating


Gross Vehicle Weight : The actual combined weight of trailer, boat with motor, fuel and gear.

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) : The maximum allowable combined weight of the trailer, boat, motor, fuel and gear.

Tongue : The most forward portion of the trailer that has the coupler or actuator attached to it.

Torsion Axle Trailer : A trailer using torsion as a means of suspension rather than leaf springs.

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